Today all forms of asbestos containing materials (ACM) are prohibited from use anywhere within Australia and increasingly across the developed world.  However in the many preceding decades asbestos was widely used and was hailed as being a wonder material due to it being inexpensive, readily available and with a range of natural characteristics that included heat and electrical resistance in building products, industrial insulation, gaskets, floor tiles, communications pits etc.

If humans are exposed to asbestos dust in most instances debilitating diseases can result often after a latency period of many years.  As medical intervention has very limited application after a person has contracted an asbestos related disease then the clear priority is to prevent any person from being exposed to asbestos fiber’s and the prevailing laws mandate this outcome in all circumstances.

JKA provides a number of specific asbestos related training rams to clients and if required such training can be arranged to provide accreditation in accordance with the relevant national competency framework to make the qualifications recognised nationally.

Not surprisingly circumstances can and do arise necessitating the managerial oversight of asbestos which can be found in many buildings and similar applications and in circumstances where the asbestos is damaged and creating a risk to humans and in these circumstances it must be removed in strict compliance with the prevailing legislation and compliance codes which are designed to minimize any risks to humans.

Our typical programs include;

  • Asbestos Awareness 
  • Removing Non Friable Asbestos (CPCCDE3014A)
  • Supervising Asbestos Removal Programs (CPCCBC4051A)


To provide participants with the information, knowledge, skills and personal confidence to ensure their due diligence undertaking work activities touching on asbestos containing materials.

Learning outcomes:     

On completion of JKA’s asbestos program’s participants will be generally able to:

  • Authoritatively state the health and safety roles and responsibilities for all persons with legislative obligations in relation to asbestos management;
  • Articulate the hazards and risks associated with asbestos and the practical steps be taken towards ensuring the that due diligence and removal processes and health and safety management;
  • Apply the elements of a best practice model to all asbestos removal and management .


  • Asbestos Awareness(3 hours)
  • Removing Non Friable Asbestos(CPCCDE3014A) (1 Day)
  • Supervising Asbestos Removal Programs(CPCCBC4051A) (2 Days)

Typical Content:

  • Explanation of health & safety laws/codes etc.
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • All about Asbestos…
  • Managing Asbestos Risk
  • Respiratory & other protective equipment
  • Regulatory Interactions
  • Best Practice Asbestos & OHS Management

Delivered by:  Specialist Trainers with high level regulatory & technical backgrounds.

Download PDF course outline: Asbestos Programs (Final)