Confined Spaces Entry TrainingConfined spaces are commonly found in industry and periodic maintenance requirements present workers with unique hazards and risks, that, based on past non conformances have been fatal. Access into and from any confined space must be done in strict accordance with a predetermined and documented permit system which is fully compliant with the stringent legislative requirements that operate in relation to this class of high risk work activity. This program has been designed to introduce, explain and practice the key requirements for any confined spaces entry.

Two levels of training are offered;

  • Initial Level 2 days
  • Annual refresher 1 day

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Explain the unique hazards and risks associated with any confined space.
  • Be capable of clearly identifying a confined space as defined.
  • Undertake a risk assessment for a confined space.
  • Describe the safety requirements for any confined space entry.
  • Prepare and issue a Permit to Enter a Confined Space
  • Demonstrate competency in relation to the confined space entry protocol.


  • 2 day (Initial Level)
  • 1 day (Annual Refresher)

Aims: To provide participants with the information, knowledge and skills required for safe confined spaces entry.

Target Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Health & Safety Representatives, Workers or anyone required to participate in a confined spaces entry process on behalf of the employer.

Mode of Delivery: Formal Presentations, Case Studies, Problem Solving, Small Group Discussions & Analysis and Handouts.


  • Review of confined spaces entry legislation (including the Compliance Code)
  • Discussion of fatal incidents & statistics
  • Risk management principles
  • Hazard & risk mitigation applicable to confined spaces
  • Atmospheric hazards in detail
  • Gas detection use and monitoring
  • Retrieval systems (harnesses etc)
  • Emergency Planning

Delivered by: Highly Experienced Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner previously employed as a Senior Inspector & Investigator with WorkSafe Victoria.

Prerequisites: None

Download PDF course outline: Confined Spaces Entry Training