OHS Consultancy

2141a8494a322a673ed7cb5a1b10010b_XLJKA’s consultants are available on a needs basis to provide any necessary technical support or assistance towards ensuring the health and safety of workers and others; including through litigation processes.  JKA has the team with the collective knowledge, insight and wisdom to assist with any work related health and safety matter.

By maintaining this technical pool of highly experienced consultants JKA is able to respond to any enquiry promptly and on a very cost effective basis.

JKA’s consulting activities include;

OHS Planning & Documentation

JKA is able to design, develop, implement and evaluate a tailored occupational health and safety management system and associated documentation for your organisation.  The management system is the central repository for all policy and procedural documentation for all key managerial functions including;

  • OHS Performance & Human Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Development Management
  • Incident Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Evaluation & Review Management

Professional Development & Mentoring

JKA has the breadth of technical background, industry relevance and people skills to assist senior and line manager’s development on the job by providing independent support and assistance. This approach can fast-track the development of key personnel to acquiring the level of competence required for vital leadership positions within the workplace and organisation.

Risk Management

JKA is able to undertake authoritive risk based assessments, reviews and interventions to satisfy a range of legislative obligations while also ensuring optimum health and safety outcomes. Our understanding of these important processes and our proven ability to facilitate effective consultations with workers, supervisors, suppliers and other key contacts is central to ensuring the quality of the inputs to these critical processes.

Workplace Inspections & Audits

JKA is able to develop checklists and other auditable criteria to facilitate regular and routine audits and inspections of your workplace.  Such reviews are useful in monitoring workplace compliance and the effectiveness of existing safe work arrangements.

Incident Investigations

JKA is able to undertake causation and forensic investigations to the exacting standards required by Victoria’s legal system.  Such investigations are primarily concerned with establishing the factual basis of any incident so that effective corrective actions may be taken to prevent any reoccurrence of these events which can often have very serious or fatal consequences.

Litigation Support

JKA has considerable experience and expertise in assisting clients when having interactions with regulators in circumstances where strong enforcement or prosecution actions are under consideration.  Our understanding of the important role of the regulator assists our clients to strive for mutually beneficial outcomes in these circumstances while defusing such reputational risks.
JKA’s consultants have extensive practical occupational health & safety and regulatory backgrounds and expertise giving them a solid grounding in modern health and safety laws.  Where circumstances arise that require immediate or specialist legal analysis and input JKA is able to facilitate the services of specialist lawyers and barristers through its alliance with a specialist associate law practice.

Occupational Hygiene

JKA’s consultants understand the principles of work related occupational hygiene and its importance in technically assessing human exposures to potentially hazardous substances, typically including asbestos, noise, lead, dusts, mists and fumes.  Where circumstances arise that require a technical assessment by a NATA approved occupational hygienist: JKA is able to facilitate such engagement through its alliance with a specialist associate consultancy.