Reputational risks and the threat of prosecution by the regulators is not limited to physical injury., but can arise from any significant OHS workplace incident or issue. As Board Members and other executive managers can be held personally accountable both collectively and individually in such circumstances, this program has been designed to identify, discuss and analyse the practical steps that must be taken towards ensuring the efficacy of any workplace health and safety management program. Due diligence is the prudent process by which executive level managers demonstrate their authority and workplace leadership of these critical managerial functions within any organisation. The legal principles arising from the administration of Victoria’s occupational health and safety laws are well settled by the courts and this program will highlight a model of best practice for senior management representatives to follow.

Learning outcomes:
On completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • authoritatively state the health and safety roles and responsibilities for all levels of organizational management;
  • articulate the practical steps that should be taken towards ensuring the due diligence of health and safety management within their organisation;
  • apply the elements of a best practice

Duration: 6 hours

Aims: To provide participants with the information, knowledge and skills to ensure the due diligence of health and safety management within their organisation.

Target Audience: Board Members, Company Directors, CEO’s and all other Executive Managers.

Mode of Delivery: Formal Presentations, Case Studies, Small Group Discussions & Handouts.


  • Overview of health & safety laws
  • Duties of Care and legislative obligations
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Managing Risk
  • Workplace Planning & Resourcing
  • Positive Performance Indicators
  • Regulatory Interactions
  • Best Practice OHS Management

Delivered by: Specialist Occupational Health & Safety Lawyer/Barrister & experienced Senior Investigator both previously employed by WorkSafe Victoria

Prerequisites: None

Download PDF course outline: Due Diligence for Executive Managers Training