Emergency OHS Service

JKA’s Emergency Response Service


Confined Spaces Entry TrainingBecause industry operates around the clock so does Jim Kent & Associates and we can be contacted in emergency circumstances on a 24 hour / 7day basis as we provide continuous coverage for all clients.

JKA has a proven track record when it comes to assisting its clients in these usually unforeseen and urgent circumstances which might typically involve work related disputation, serious injury or death, massive plant and equipment failure and any other matter attracting the overt interest of the media or regulators.


By contacting Jim Kent on Mobile 0417 056 605 anytime (24/7) we will ensure our availability to assist with authoritive advice and if required our immediate attendance at your workplace.  JKA will also marshal the experts that may be required in any particular matter leaving the client free to manage their staff and operations.  JKA has significant experience working with regulators and will assist the client to manage such interactions.


JKA Emergency Response Service


Phone: Jim KENT Principal Consultant

Mobile 0417 056 605 anytime