Forklifts are used extensively across many workplaces to assist with the movement of materials, finished products etc. Forklifts are designed for the express purpose of lifting loads for transfer within a workplace often in close proximity to workers, contractors, pedestrians and potentially members of the public. Many deaths have occurred arising from the use of this type and class of mobile plant which must be operated and maintained in
strict accordance with legislative and licensing requirements. While operators of this mobile plant require initial training and licensing by WorkSafe it is highly recommended that periodically thereafter operators be provided with refresher or update training to ensure that a high level of awareness in maintained within the workplace for the use of this high risk equipment. This short duration program has been designed expressly for this purpose to keep front of mind for operators and supervisors the correct operating principles for forklifts and similar mobile

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Explain the hazards & risks associated with the maintenance and operation of forklifts within a workplace
  • Understand the legislative obligations imposed on all operators of forklifts and their supervisors / managers
  • Undertake a Pre-Operational Check of a forklift
  • Explain the accepted safe operating principles for forklifts and limitations
  • Demonstrate ability to operate a forklift safely

Duration: 4 hours

Target Audience: Certificated Operators requiring bi annual refresher training and Supervisors, Health & Safety Representatives, Warehousing Staff etc.

Mode of Delivery: Formal presentations, Small group Work, ‘On Site’ inspections and demonstrations.

Overview of legislation
Classes of Mobile plant
Case Studies to highlight ‘failures’
Risk Management
Pre-Operational Checks
Safe Operating Systems & Procedures

Delivered by: Experienced instructor with extensive occupational health and safety background.

Prerequisites: None

Download PDF course outline: Forklift Safety Training