Circumstances can arise at any workplace which will necessitate the arrival on site of numerous agencies and organizations that may have a vested interest in the matter. Some examples include WorkSafe Victoria, Victoria Police in the case of a serious or fatal incident, EnergySafe for any matter involving gas or electricity and ‘Union Right of Entry’ (known as ARREO’s) provided for under Victoria’s Occupational Health & Safety Act 2007.
This short program has been designed to introduce and explain the role and purpose of each such agency including their likely approach when interacting with your organisation. Equipped with this information, workplace managers, supervisors and other are able to deal positively and confidently with these stakeholders through any interactions. It might be noted that in circumstances where stakeholders are prevented from exercising their entry rights an offence for obstruction can follow.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Identify key work related stakeholders and their role and functions when interacting within any workplace
  • Recognize the common ground and shared objectives held with key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate personal confidence and authority when interacting with key stakeholders

Duration: 3 hours

Aims: To assist any workplace to deal positively and confidently with stakeholders

Target Audience: Workplace managers, supervisors, Health & Safety representatives, Contractors & others likely to assist these interactions (e.g. site security officers etc).

Mode of Delivery: Formal presentations, small group work & handouts


  • Overview of Regulatory Interventions & Stakeholder Interactions
  • Workplace access protocols & limitations
  • Inspector & Officer Powers
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Interviewing & Questioning Technique
  • Gathering and recording information

Delivered by: Experienced occupational health & safety practitioner formerly a senior inspector & investigator with WorkSafe Victoria.

Prerequisites: None
Download PDF course outline: Managing Stakeholder Interventions Training