Supervisors and Managers have OHS duties under the OHS Act 2004 and the OHS Regulations 2007. For example, they must be ‘sufficiently competent’ for the purpose of health and safety issue resolution i.e. to have an understanding of how the OHS Act and regulations apply to their workplace.

Key competencies covered in the course (as defined by WorkSafe):

  • general knowledge of the OHS Act;
  • understanding of the health and safety issue resolution process and the role of agreed procedures and regulations;
  • understanding of the employer duties under OHS legislation and the concept of reasonable practicability;
  • understanding of the role and functions of HSRs and authorised representatives of registered employee organisations;
  • understanding of the role of inspectors, their powers and issue resolution functions;
  • understanding of how the workplace operates;
  • communication, consultation and negotiation skills;
  • understanding of the process of resolution when a inspector arrives on site;
  • general understanding of OHS issues and systems specific to that workplace;
  • understanding of the hazard identification and risk assessment processes and, in particular, the ability to identify appropriate risk control measures available to the employer; and
  • ability to get access (within the organisation and externally) to expert technical information and advice in relation to specific hazards.

6 days Initial Level
1 day Refresher

Aims: To provide participants with the required knowledge as specified by WorkSafe in order to carry out their role under the OHS Act and OHS Regulations 2007.

Target Audience: Managers and Supervisors or anyone required to resolve OHS issues on behalf of the employer.

Mode of Delivery: Formal Presentations, Case Studies, Role Plays, Problem Solving, Interviews, Small Group Discussions, Analysis and Handouts & Practical Examples.

Prerequisites: None

Delivery by: Experienced and specialist occupational health and safety practitioner’s formerly employed by WorkSafe Victoria in key policy and inspectorial roles over many years.


  • Historical approach to OHS (including Roben’s)
  • Modern OHS Regulation (and Compliance Codes)
  • Duties of Care
  • Consultative Arrangements
  • Issue Resolution
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Emergency Management
  • WorkSafe Victoria, Role & Functions
  • OHS Management Systems

Download PDF course outline: OHS Skills for Supervisors& Managers