A number of hand-held powered tools & types of equipment, based on the associated reports of injuries and deaths, require special consideration when being used particularly within a work environment. In addition, the significant costs associated with the failure of such equipment can have a dramatic effect upon the financial viability of workplaces using these tools. This mix & match program has been devised to provide workers
and supervisors with the information, instruction and training necessary to ensure that the use of these tools is safe and with minimal risk of injury or worse. Make up your own localized training program by picking from the
enclosed list of tools and equipment that have particular relevance to your workplace and operations. The overall program consists of a mandatory introductory module followed by subsequent modules selected by the client.

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Explain the core requirements of Victoria’s occupational health & safety legislation
  • Understand the principles of electrical safety
  • Describe the hazards and risks that can arise from the operation of powered hand held tools and equipment
  • Articulate the safeguarding requirements applicable to the class or type of powered tool & equipment reviewed

Target Audience: All Staff

Delivery Mode: Formal Presentations, Case Studies, Problem Solving, Small Group Discussions and Handouts.

Delivery by: Qualified instructors with high level occupational health & safety and regulatory experience.

Clients are advised that in addition to a compulsory (one off) stand alone introductory module (2 hours duration) they are invited to mix & match the content of their own in house training program by nominating a selection of stand alone tool specific modules that are used at their workplace.

Compulsory introductory Module – 2 hours

  • OHS Legislation
  • Electrical Safety
  • Manufacturing Principles (cutting actions etc)
  • Fixed & Automatic Guarding
  • Constant pressure switching
  • Ergonomics of Grip

Choose from the following list of stand alone training modules:

  • Angle Grinders (all sizes, electrical & pneumatic) (1½ hrs)
  • Nail Guns (1 hr)
  • Explosive Power Tools (1 hr)
  • Impact Spanners (Rattle Guns) (1 hr)
  • Magnetic or Large Portable Drills (1 hr)
  • Circular Saws (1 hr)
  • Planners (45 mins)
  • Jig Saws (30 mins)
  • Lasers (1 hr)

Note: This is a non exhaustive list of tools & equipment that JKA will expand upon request.

Download PDF course outline: Operating High Risk Tools Equipment