Training & Development

Untitled-3Jim Kent & Associates (JKA) specialise in compliance training for work related health and safety.  No matter what your health and safety program requirements, we can facilitate improvements through a blended training approach using access to public or in house training programs supplemented with on the job mentoring and evaluation.

  • JKA has a number of skills based programs that can be readily tailored to the precise requirements of the client.  These programs cover the majority of key management or hazard based topics identified through our client base as addressing their priority needs.
  • JKA is able to design training programs which reflect the actual needs of the individual client or participants including sensitivity to cultural backgrounds and the languages spoken within the workplace.
  • JKA produces high quality and technically authoritive learning materials which also provide ongoing reference to the subject matter.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced in the field of instruction and have extensive occupational health and safety backgrounds and qualifications including Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training.

On request JKA is able to articulate and align any of its training programs to national competencies or other relevant standards where applicable.